DARE System

At the core of the DARE System is the belief that each client household must be viewed and managed as if it were a business. This includes the preparation of annual financial statements, for the client and Bob (the board of directors) to review and use in charting the path ahead.  This point of view, with Bob as a member of your board of directors, instills a stewardship not found with most "financial advisors". DARE ^Detailed-Annual-Review & Evaluation^

Step 1.  Analysis:   To be successful you must look at yourself like a business.  And just like any business we need to prepare financial statements to determine a course of action.  This allows us to compare directly year after year if you are making progress, or losing ground. 
Step 2.  The Plan:  With financial statements prepared and analyzed we can move forward, preparing a financial strategy that is appropriate for your current financial situation, and the objectives you wish to achieve. 
Step 3.  Action:  Together we discuss the financial plan and implement those steps deemed reasonable at this time.  This can involve anything from a complete overhaul of our current strategy to a simple portfolio adjustment.


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